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16 INCH HALO Clip-In Hair Extensions (100 GRAMS)

16 INCH HALO Clip-In Hair Extensions (100 GRAMS)

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Introducing our exquisite Halo Clip-In Hair Extensions, the perfect solution for achieving luscious, voluminous locks in an instant! Crafted with the highest quality, 100% Remy human hair, these extensions seamlessly blend with your natural hair, adding length and thickness effortlessly. The innovative halo design ensures a secure and comfortable fit without damaging your hair.

  • Enhanced Stability: The clear wire, which sits snugly around the crown of your head like a halo, acts as an additional anchor for the extensions. This innovative design ensures that the extensions stay securely in place throughout the day, even during vigorous activities or windy conditions. The combination of clips and the clear wire provides double security, minimizing the risk of the extensions shifting or slipping out of place.

  • Even Distribution of Weight: The clear wire helps distribute the weight of the extensions evenly across your scalp, reducing any potential discomfort or strain that may occur with traditional clip-in extensions. This ensures a comfortable fit and minimizes tension on your natural hair, allowing you to wear the extensions for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort.

  • Invisible and Seamless: Despite its added security, the clear wire remains virtually invisible against your scalp, creating a seamless and natural look. This means that even if the extensions are styled in an updo or pulled back, the clear wire remains discreet, giving the appearance of effortlessly flowing hair without any visible attachment points.

  • Easy Application and Removal: The clear wire design simplifies the application and removal process of the extensions. Unlike other methods that may require professional assistance or adhesive products, the HALO Clip-In Hair Extensions can be effortlessly secured and removed by yourself within minutes, making them ideal for everyday wear or special occasions.


  • 100 Grams
  • 16 Inches
  • 1 Piece Set
  • 6-12 Month Lifespan 
  • Remy Human Hair
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