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 Are you looking to add some sparkle to your everyday look? Our tinsel-infused hair extensions are designed to make heads turn as you confidently feel like THATGIRL. Each strand is infused with extra sparkle, ensuring your hair catches the light and adds a sparkle to your look. With tour tinsel, you'll effortlessly stand out and exude confidence wherever you go. Add to your cart with your extension order to have your tinsel installed into your new hair!

  • The Perfect Sparkle: Our tinsel-infused Clip-In Extensions add a touch of sparkle to your everyday look, making them perfect for special occasions, festivals, or any time you want to stand out from the crowd. The shimmering tinsel strands catch the light beautifully, causing heads to turn as you walk by. Create an eye-catching effect that enhances your overall look transforming you into THATGIRL.

  • Heat Resistant: Our tinsel-infused Clip-In Extensions are heat resistant, allowing you to Flat Iron, Curl, Or Blowout your new extensions! Whether you want to add a subtle hint of sparkle to your everyday hairstyle or make a bold statement when you're out in public, our tinsel extensions provide endless possibilities for anything you want to do.

  • Pop of Color: Our tinsel-infused Clip-In Extensions are a great choice when it comes to trying out party colors on yourself. without the commitment of permanent hair color, our hair tinsel extensions allow you to try and experiment without the damage or staining that semi-permanent hair color tends to cause. You can easily clip them in and remove them whenever you want, allowing you to change your look as often as you like. This makes tinsel extensions perfect for experimenting and fun!

  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Despite the sparkling appearance of our tinsel-infused SEAMLESS Clip-In Extensions, the clip-in hair itself is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The tinsel strands are hand-applied using a silicone bead to provide extra longevity unlike tying the tinsel to the hair. Our hair tinsel is made from polyester fibers ensuring a natural look and feel. They won't weigh down your hair or cause discomfort, allowing you to wear them comfortably all day or night.


  • Material: Polyester Fibers
  • 2-3 Month Lifespan
  • Heat Resistant up to 375 degrees
  • 12 colors available
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